Reading Data Centre

At Asanti’s Reading Data Centre, cutting-edge infrastructure meets exceptional reliability, offering businesses unmatched performance, security, and scalability for their critical operations

Why Reading, not London ?

Our Reading data center, conveniently close to the M4 and west of London, spans 13,000 sq ft. Located outside the M25, it mitigates the risks of hosting critical IT infrastructure within London. With ultra-low latency connectivity to our Farnborough data center, it provides a secure and resilient primary and disaster recovery solution for businesses in London and nearby areas.

Reading Data Centre Specifications

2N+1 Electrical Infrastructure

Build room / Storage and work areas included

Access to Tier 1 Providers

Direct access to Cloud Platforms (Cloud Connect) so your data never hits the public internet

Diverse Fibre Ingress points and diverse routes from Carrier racks and Meet Me racks as standard

Ability to connect to major public cloud providers

Powered by 100% certified green energy

Each rack designed to 7KW with A & B Power feeds (higher capacity available on request)

Dedicated Substation on site

Fixed price or on-demand consumption models

Resilient, high-capacity, low-latency connectivity with 100% uptime SLA

Network security

Carrier neutral

Connected to major internet hubs in the UK

All sites served by a variety of connectivity providers

Ability to connect to major public cloud providers

N+1 Cooling (electrical & pipework)

Fully Controlled Environment with 100% Power SLA

24/7/365 Staff onsite

Full Coverage CCTV and Door Access Controls

ISO9001:2015 & ISO27001:2022

Asanti Reading Data Centre

The physical location of a Regional edge data centre is crucial to ensure the highest levels of resilience and security required.

100% Uptime

Powered by 100%
Green Energy

Ultra Low

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