Discover how our customised data centre solutions can support your IT teams in maintaining a resilient IT infrastructure, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the finance sector.

Data Centre Solutions for the UK Finance Sector

In today’s finance landscape, speedy data processing fuels competitive advantage, driving decision-making, compliance, risk management, and customer service.

Despite unique challenges like regulatory requirements and cybersecurity threats, our tailored data centre solutions support IT teams in maintaining a robust infrastructure.

The benefits of hosting your IT infrastructure in our Data Centres

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the UK’s financial sector, the ability to scale and adapt is crucial to maintaining competitive advantage. That’s why our colocation data centre solutions can offer the scalability and flexibility required to meet the changing demands of businesses.

Modern financial institutions require tailored IT infrastructure hosting capable of providing a secure and reliable environment for business continuity. Regardless of whether your firm is expanding its portfolio or scaling up operations, the data centre must be able to support this growth without disruptive overhauls or downtime.

The integration of cloud computing adds a layer of flexibility previously unattainable. By leveraging cloud solutions alongside traditional infrastructure, finance sector entities can benefit from on-demand resource allocation, ensuring they only pay for what they use, significantly optimizing operational costs whilst remaining agile. Our colocation facilities can easily connect to public cloud providers to offer this seamless integration.

Optimizing Financial Services with Superior Managed IT Support

Comprehensive Managed Services for Uninterrupted Financial Operations

Our finance sector services prioritize operational reliability and efficiency. With our managed services, enjoy seamless system operations, 24/7 monitoring, and swift issue resolution.

Expert IT Support for Seamless Integration and Maintenance

Our IT specialists ensure seamless communication within your systems, minimizing downtime risks. From updates to upgrades, we're dedicated to keeping your data centre operating flawlessly.

Outsourcing IT Functions to Focus on Core Financial Services

Outsourcing IT infrastructure allows your enterprise to prioritise core competencies like investment strategies and customer relations. We manage the technological complexities, optimising resources and enhancing service offerings for innovation and growth in finance

Data Centre Colocation Services for Robust Disaster Recovery Strategies

For financial institutions, downtime poses a significant threat to operations and client trust. Colocation hosting offers dedicated disaster recovery facilities, ensuring uninterrupted service even during major disruptions.

Asanti’s strategically located data centres provide primary hosting and disaster recovery solutions, ensuring business continuity for financial firms.

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Optimise your financial operations with our secure and reliable colocation solutions tailored for the finance and insurance sector.

VFX & Digital Studios

Elevate your visual effects and digital studio projects with our high-performance colocation solutions.

Public Sector

Empower public sector initiatives with our resilient and secure hosting solutions, ensuring efficiency and reliability in delivering essential services.


Level up your gaming infrastructure with our high-performance hosting solutions, providing the reliability and scalability needed for creating gaming experiences.

Systems Integrators

For systems integrators, our hosting solutions allow businesses to lease space, power, and network connectivity within a managed data centre facility.

Artificial Intelligence

For AI initiatives, our hosting provides essential space, power, and network connectivity within a professionally managed data centre facility.