Public Sector

Discover how our specialised data centre solutions can support the IT infrastructure needs of the public sector, ensuring reliability, security, and compliance with governmental regulations.

Secured Data Centre Solutions for UK Public Sector

In a sector where government security standards are mandated, our data centre solutions offer reliable and compliant hosting for the UK public sector. With cutting-edge colocation and hybrid cloud infrastructure, we prioritize data protection and GDPR compliance. Our security certifications and audits provide peace of mind, ensuring trust in our infrastructure for critical data handling. Explore how our tailored solutions meet the unique needs of the UK public sector.

Benefits of hosting with us

With the ever-changing landscape of public needs, a data centre solution for the public sector in the UK must offer unparalleled scalability and flexibility. Government agencies require the ability to swiftly adapt to evolving demands without compromising service delivery or data integrity. We deliver this by offering a range of solutions from colocation to private cloud and a hybrid of the two.

Understanding that no two public sector entities are the same, our data centre solutions are designed to be custom made to fit the specific needs of different organisations. Whether it’s a small local council or a national health service, our systems scale to meet the exact requirements of any government body.

As the public sector embraces digital transformation, the amount of data processed and stored continues to grow. Our data centre solutions provide the agility necessary to scale up resources quickly and efficiently, ensuring that this increasing data volume is managed seamlessly.

For public sector entities in the UK, the assurance that data is handled with the highest regard for legal compliance and protection is paramount. With a focused approach on maintaining data sovereignty, we provide robust data centre solutions for the public sector that guarantees all data is stored and managed within the UK jurisdiction. This is crucial for upholding the integrity of sensitive data subject to national security and privacy standards.

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are built to support the critical functions of government. With robust uptime guarantees, proactive management and rapid response teams underpinning our promise, we are we equipped to service the needs of the UK’s public sector.

Advanced Networking and Connectivity Options

With technology evolving at an unprecedented pace, your customers demand a networking solution that not only keeps up with their growth but is capable of delivering ultra-low latency.

That’s why our data centre solutions come with advanced networking and connectivity options to meet these critical needs.

Integration of Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Environments

In today’s diverse cloud landscape, our data centre solutions facilitate seamless integration between public, private, and hybrid environments. This enables enhanced efficiency and flexibility, allowing organisations to leverage the strengths of each hosting model.

For the public sector, incorporating cloud and hybrid solutions is crucial for staying proactive, agile, and cost-efficient. Let us guide you towards greater efficiency, responsiveness, and innovation in your governmental IT environment.



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