Network Connectivity

Our UK data centers in Hamilton, Livingston, Manchester, Leeds, Reading, and Farnborough are chosen for superior network connectivity and power, ensuring our clients receive a 100% uptime SLA.

Ultra-low latency; the power of pioneering network connectivity

As businesses prioritize digital operations, recognizing the crucial role of network connectivity is essential. Our Tier 1 network signifies a new era in Enterprise network technology, meticulously crafted to accelerate innovation in the AI and broader tech sector. We offer robust, ultrafast infrastructure that forward-thinking companies leverage to turn ambitious ideas into tangible success.

Benefits of our ultra-low latency network

Start small and scale up as needed. Pay only for what you use. When your needs change, so does our service, giving you the freedom to dynamically adjust your bandwidth.

As data volumes grow, you need a network that can handle the surge. Our next-gen fabric is the backbone for your ever-increasing data demands. 

When your real-time applications demand minimal latency; our network delivers with swift, responsive network integration for peak operational efficiency. 

With more devices connected than ever, our agile network provides the localized capacity scaling that is essential for success. 

Business is unpredictable. Our real-time telemetry and dynamic provisioning mean you’re always prepared for those unexpected traffic spikes. 

Our high-throughput, decentralized fabric cuts down migration timelines drastically. 

Low RTO and RPO are critical. Our strategically located data centres and resilient network provides faster recovery and enhanced confidence. 

Workload mobility should be seamless. Our portability layers remove barriers, enabling smooth operations. 

Your AI applications demand quick responses. Our network is optimized for speed, improving user experience. 

As threats evolve, so do our defences. We provide a network fabric that not only supports your growth but also protects your data with state-of-the-art security measures

Who is our ultra-low latency network for ?


Optimise your financial operations with our secure and reliable colocation solutions tailored for the finance and insurance sector.

VFX & Digital Studios

Elevate your visual effects and digital studio projects with our high-performance colocation solutions.

Public Sector

Empower public sector initiatives with our resilient and secure hosting solutions, ensuring efficiency and reliability in delivering essential services.


Level up your gaming infrastructure with our high-performance hosting solutions, providing the reliability and scalability needed for creating gaming experiences.

Systems Integrators

For systems integrators, our hosting solutions allow businesses to lease space, power, and network connectivity within a managed data centre facility.

Artificial Intelligence

For AI initiatives, our hosting provides essential space, power, and network connectivity within a professionally managed data centre facility.

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