Hybrid Data Centre Solutions

As businesses face rapidly changing market conditions and evolving business needs, flexibility in IT infrastructure hosting becomes paramount.  

Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX with a hybrid data centre hosting solution

Our hybrid data centre solutions are uniquely positioned to offer this elasticity. Our edge data centres provide the secure natural environment for your hardware and sensitive data storage, with your cloud infrastructure of choice connected, we help to ensure that your infrastructure can adapt, scaling up and down, when your business needs to. 

By bridging the gap between on-premise hardware infrastructure and cloud capabilities, Asanti’s hybrid data centre services provide the scalability and agility to not only meet the growing demands of your business, but to keep it at the forefront of innovation. 

The benefits of Asanti hybrid data centre solutions

A scalable data centre platform seamlessly adjusts to fluctuating data volumes and application workloads. Hybrid data centres merge the control and security of colocation infrastructure with the expansiveness of cloud services, enabling manageable and cost-effective growth.

Adaptable Infrastructure: Hybrid hosting models facilitate rapid expansion or contraction of IT resources, ideal for seasonal spikes in website traffic or steady growth in infrastructure needs.

Scaling for Data: Hybrid data storage solutions seamlessly accommodate larger datasets as processing rates increase, eliminating the need for constant physical upgrades.

Scaling for App Workloads: Hybrid data centers dynamically allocate resources to meet diverse application requirements, ensuring optimal performance for each application.

By leveraging shared resources and optimised utilisation, businesses can reduce both capital and operational expenses.

Reduced Capital Expenditure: Hybrid data centres significantly decrease upfront investments by sharing resources, translating into lighter financial burdens and reduced capital expenditures.

Operational Cost Benefits: Asanti’s hybrid data centre solutions precisely match resource use to demand, minimizing energy consumption, cooling, and maintenance expenses. By avoiding overprovisioning and underuse, hybrid environments offer cost-efficient data resource management.

Energy Efficiency: Metered power in hybrid environments leads to significant cost savings by paying only for consumed power.

Maintenance Costs: Shared infrastructure reduces individual maintenance and upgrading costs.

Resource Allocation: Dynamic distribution of computing resources ensures cost-effective operations at any scale.

We realise that changing business priorities can mean that internal resources can be stretched at times. By choosing Asanti as your hybrid data centre solution provider, you can get access to our team of experts who can guide you through everything from solution design and implementation to project and programme management. Our end-to-end delivery can help your business with service adoption and transition, supporting your teams each step of the way.

Embrace the Future with a Hybrid Data Centre Solution

The agility to swiftly realign IT resources with business objectives is a key advantage of hybrid data centers. Flexibility in hybrid infrastructures enables vertical or horizontal scaling, whether adding power to existing servers or expanding with new ones. With Asanti, this process is streamlined and consumption-based, preventing over-provisioning and overspending. Ultimately, our hybrid data center solutions offer a pragmatic path for businesses seeking strategic, scalable, and sustainable growth in data and application capabilities. The blend of on-premises and cloud resources ensures readiness for future needs, however they may evolve.

Who are hybrid data centre solutions for ?

Enterprises who have complex and dynamic business applications, enabling them to distribute workloads across multiple environments based on performance, cost and compliance. This makes it especially suitable for finance and government sectors. 


Optimise your financial operations with our secure and reliable colocation solutions tailored for the finance and insurance sector.

Public Sector

Empower public sector initiatives with our resilient and secure hosting solutions, ensuring efficiency and reliability in delivering essential services.

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