Delivering ultra-low latency to Asanti’s network of colocation data centres.

Flexible colocation solutions for dynamic IT infrastructure

In today’s dynamic business environment, your critical IT infrastructure demands a hosting partner that has the technology and experience to ensure that your hosting solutions are fit for your business today, and tomorrow.

Whether those business needs are for traditional IT infrastructure or high-density computing applications, Asanti’s data centres and Stelia’s network fabric combine to offer you a unique, powerful colocation solution.

Ten Key Areas Demanding Flexibility & High-Capacity

As data volumes grow, you need a network that can handle the surge. Our next-gen fabric is the backbone for your ever-increasing data demands.

When your real-time applications demand minimal latency; Stelia delivers with swift, responsive network integration for peak operational efficiency.

With more devices connected than ever, our agile network provides the localised capacity scaling that is essential for success.

Business is unpredictable. Our real-time telemetry and dynamic provisioning mean you’re always prepared for those unexpected traffic spikes.

Legacy systems can’t keep up. Our high-throughput, decentralized fabric cuts down migration timelines drastically.

Consistency across borders is key. Our network minimizes lag and ensures global database integrity.

Low RTO and RPO are critical. With Asanti’s strategically located data centres and Stelia’s resilient network, provides faster recovery and enhanced confidence.

Workload mobility should be seamless. Our portability layers remove barriers, enabling smooth operations.

Your AI applications demand quick responses. Our network is optimized for speed, improving user experience.

As threats evolve, so do our defences. We provide a network fabric that not only supports your growth but also protects your data with state-of-the-art security measures.

About Asanti & Stelia

Asanti, with over 125 years of combined industry expertise, offers tailored hosting solutions designed to meet current and future IT infrastructure needs. Our flexible pricing model allows businesses to scale resources efficiently, aligning costs with actual usage.

Partnering with Stelia, we enhance our colocation services by integrating ultra-low latency network fabric into our data centers. This collaboration ensures clients have top-notch hosting solutions and cutting-edge connectivity for various setups, from data center to data center communication to accessing hyperscale public clouds.

Together, Asanti and Stelia provide an integrated solution that supports scalability, reduces complexity, and streamlines deployment processes, transforming how businesses consume IT services and driving innovation across all sectors.