At Asanti, our hosting solutions backed by 125 years of data centre experience.

Our services

Colocation Hosting

Our colocation hosting offers businesses the flexibility to rent space, power, and network connectivity within a managed data center environment.

Regional Edge Hosting

Edge hosting brings your data processing power closer to the source to ensure ultra-low latency. Choose from one of our 6 UK locations for primary or disaster recovery solutions.

High Density Computing Hosting

Our hosting facilities support high-density computing, ensuring your high-performance servers have the resilience, power, and connectivity for a competitive edge.

Hybrid Data Centre Solutions

In the face of changing market conditions, flexibility in IT infrastructure is crucial. Our hybrid data center solutions provide the elasticity your business needs to stay online.

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud service provides secure, dedicated cloud infrastructure tailored to your needs, offering flexibility, scalability, and control for optimal performance and compliance.

Network Connectivity

Our Network Connectivity solutions deliver robust, high-speed connections with ultra-low latency, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer to support your critical IT infrastructure.


Our team can help you understand how to assess your current IT infrastructure so that you can plan for today and tomorrow.

Professional Services

We offer comprehensive professional services, ensuring peak performance, reliability, and security for your critical operations housed in our data centers.

Explore our hosting solutions

Our adaptable technology solutions make our data centers the perfect host for a wide range of applications, from high-density computing like AI to edge computing for Smart Cities and IoT. With robust infrastructure investments, including redundant power, climate control, and advanced connectivity, we ensure minimal downtime.

Plus, our colocation centers adhere to the Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 Operational Standard and operate on 100% renewable energy

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