Explore how our customised data centre solutions can assist your IT teams in upholding a resilient IT infrastructure, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the Gaming sector.


Data Centre Solutions for the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry, with its insatiable hunger for speed, reliability, and unfaltering connectivity, requires a robust and reliable data centre solution, capable of supporting high-performance computing and low-latency network connectivity. Each of our colocation data centre services can be tailored to empower the gaming industry.

Our commitment to 24/7 technical support, alongside our uptime SLA’s, ensures that developers and gamers never miss a beat. With sustainable power solutions, and compliance with industry standards, our data centre infrastructure is designed to address every challenge and opportunity that the gaming industry faces.

By partnering with us, you’re not just investing in today’s solutions; you’re investing in the future of gaming. Our hosting environments, strategic backup, and disaster recovery plans, as well as our dedication to cross-platform compatibility, underline our promise to deliver a comprehensive data centre solution suited for the gaming industry’s dynamic landscape.

The benefits of hosting your gaming infrastructure with Asanti

Gaming experiences deserve a data centre that not meets international and industry-specific standards. ISO certifications are the cornerstone of our operations, providing a framework of best practices for quality management and information security.

The rapid evolution of the gaming industry demands not just performance, but a strong commitment to sustainability. Suitable for hosting gaming hardware, our data centres are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, using advanced technologies to reduce electricity consumption while maintaining high-level computing power. All of our data centres are powered by 100% certified green energy.

Data is the lifeblood of the gaming industry, which is why our data centre solutions include advanced backup protocols. With this setup, your digital assets, from game code to user data, are securely replicated and stored. This means that in the event of hardware failure, human error, or malicious attacks, your game’s ecosystem remains intact and promptly restorable.

Leveraging High-Performance Computing (HPC) has become a linchpin for delivering unparalleled gaming experiences. With graphics and gameplay complexity increasing, gaming companies rely heavily on the sheer computational power of HPC to render realistic environments, manage AI behaviour, and process large-scale multiplayer interactions. Our optimised data centre solutions ensure that these computationally intensive tasks are handled efficiently, allowing for smoother and more immersive experiences for gamers.

With technology evolving at an unprecedented pace, your customers demand a networking solution that not only keeps up with their growth but is capable of delivering ultra-low latency. That’s why our data centre solutions come with advanced networking and connectivity options to meet these critical needs.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Scalable Game Hosting

The Best of Private and Public Clouds for Gaming Workloads

Integrating a hybrid cloud solution into your gaming setup combines the control and security of private clouds with the scalability of public clouds. Our data centre solutions seamlessly connect to both, ensuring a secure and scalable gaming infrastructure.

Balancing Cost, Performance, and Security with a Hybrid Approach

A hybrid cloud solution maximizes cost efficiency and performance in gaming. Public cloud resources handle high-demand scenarios, while core services remain secure on the private cloud, enhancing performance and security.



Optimise your financial operations with our secure and reliable colocation solutions tailored for the finance and insurance sector.

VFX & Digital Studios

Elevate your visual effects and digital studio projects with our high-performance colocation solutions.

Public Sector

Empower public sector initiatives with our resilient and secure hosting solutions, ensuring efficiency and reliability in delivering essential services.


Level up your gaming infrastructure with our high-performance hosting solutions, providing the reliability and scalability needed for creating gaming experiences.

Systems Integrators

For systems integrators, our hosting solutions allow businesses to lease space, power, and network connectivity within a managed data centre facility.

Artificial Intelligence

For AI initiatives, our hosting provides essential space, power, and network connectivity within a professionally managed data centre facility.